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Some Basic UNIX Command

The following list is not complete, of course.

ar(1aout) - create and maintain library archives
as(1aout) - the portable GNU assembler
at(1), batch(1), atq(1), atrm(1) - queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution
atacontrol(8) - ATA device driver control program
badsect(8) - create files to contain bad sectors
basename(1), dirname(1) - return filename or directory portion of pathname
bdes(1) - encrypt/decrypt using the Data Encryption Standard
a2p(1) - Awk to Perl translator
ac(8) - connect time accounting
accton(8) - enable/disable system accounting
addr2line(1) - convert program's addresses into file names and line numbers
adjkerntz(8) - adjust local time CMOS clock to reflect time zone cha
adjtime(2) - correct the time to allow synchronization of the system clock
amq(8) - automounter query tool
apm(4) - APM BIOS interface
apply(1) - apply a command to a set of arguments
ar(1) - create, modify, and extract from archives
biff(1) - be notified if mail arrives and who it is from
boot0cfg(8) - boot manager installation/configuration utility
bootparamd(8) - boot parameter server
bootpef(8) - BOOTP Extension File compiler
brooktree(4) - video capture driver
bsearch(3) - binary search of a sorted table
btxld(8) - link editor for BTX clients
c2ph(1), pstruct(1) - Dump C structures
c89(1) - POSIX.2 C language compiler
cal(1), ncal(1) - displays a calendar and the date of easter
calendar(1) - reminder service
camcontrol(8) - CAM control program
ccdconfig(8) - configuration utility for the concatenated disk drive
cdcontrol(1) - compact disc control utility
chat(8) - Automated conversational script with a modem
checknr(1) - check nroff/troff files
chflags(1) - change file flags
chio(1) - medium changer control utility
chkey(1) - change your encryption key
chkgrp(8) - check the syntax of the group file
chkprintcap(8) - check validity of entries in the print spooler database
chpass(1), chfn(1), chsh(1), ypchpass(1), ypchfn(1), ypchsh(1) - add or change user database information
ci(1) - check in RCS revisions
ckdist(1) - check software distributions
cksum(1), sum(1) - display file checksums and block counts
clri(8) - clear an inode
cmp(1) - compare two files
co(1) - check out RCS revisions
col(1) - filter reverse line feeds from input
colcrt(1) - filter nroff output for CRT previewing
colldef(1) - convert collation sequence source definition
colrm(1) - remove columns from a file
column(1) - columnate lists
comcontrol - control a special tty device
comm(1) - select or reject lines common to two files
compile_et(1) - error table compiler
compress(1), uncompress(1) - compress and expand data
comsat(8) - biff server
cpp(1) - The GNU C-Compatible Compiler Preprocessor
crunchgen(1) - generates build environment for a crunched binary
crunchide(1) - hides symbol names from ld, for crunching programs to crypt(3) - Trapdoor encryption
ctags(1) - create a tags file
ctm(1) - source code mirror program
cursor(1) - set cursor shape for the pcvt VT220 video driver
cut(1) - select portions of each line of a file
dc(1) - an arbitrary precision calculator
dialog(1) - display dialog boxes from shell scripts
dhclient - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
diff(1) - find differences between two files
diff3(1) - find differences between three files
dig(1) - send domain name query packets to name servers
dirname(3) - extract the directory portion of a pathname
disklabel(5) - disk pack label
diskpart(8) - calculate default disk partition sizes
dnskeygen(1) - generate public, private, and shared secret keys
dnsquery(1) - query domain name servers using resolver
domainname(1) - set or print name of current YP/NIS domain
doscmd(1) - run a subset of real-mode DOS programs
dump(8), rdump(8) - file system backup
dumpfs(8) - dump file system information
dumpon(8) - specify a device for crash dumps
enigma(1), crypt(1) - very simple file encryption
expand(1), unexpand(1) - expand tabs to spaces, and vice versa
expr(1) - evaluate expression
f77(1), g77(1) - GNU project Fortran Compiler (v0.5.24)
false(1) - return false value
fdcontrol(8) - modify floppy disk parameters
fdformat(1) - format floppy disks
fdisk(8) - PC slice table maintenance program
fdwrite(1) - format and write floppy disks
fetch(1) - retrieve a file by Uniform Resource Locator
ffsinfo - dump all meta information of an existing ufs file system
file(1) - determine file type
file2c(1) - convert file to c-source
find(1) - walk a file hierarchy
fixmount(8) - fix remote mount entries
flex(1) - fast lexical analyzer generator
fmt(1) - simple text formatter
fold(1) - fold long lines for finite width output device
fontedit(1) - edit fonts
fore_dnld - download FORE Systems' microcode into host ATM adapter
from(1) - print names of those who have sent mail
fsck_msdosfs(8) - DOS/Windows (FAT) filesystem consistency checker
fsdb(8) - FFS debugging/editing tool
fsinfo(8) - co-ordinate site-wide filesystem information
fsirand(8) - randomize inode generation numbers
fstat(1) - file status
fsync(1) - synchronize a file's in-core state with that on disk
ftp(1), pftp(1), gate-ftp(1) - ARPANET file transfer program
ftpd(8) - Internet File Transfer Protocol server
ftpd.conf(5) - ftpd(8) configuration file
gasp(1) - the GNU Assembler Macro Preprocessor
gawk(1) - pattern scanning and processing language
gcc(1), g++(1) - GNU project C and C++ Compiler (gcc-2.95.3)
gcore(1) - get core images of running process
gdb(1) - The GNU Debugger
genassym(8) - generate assembler symbols from C
gencat(1) - NLS catalog compiler
gensetdefs(8) - generate linker set definitions
gifconfig(8) - configure generic IP tunnel
glob(3), globfree(3) - generate pathnames matching a pattern
gperf(1) - generate a perfect hash function from a key set
gprof(1) - display call graph profile data
grn(1) - groff preprocessor for gremlin files
grodvi(1) - convert groff output to TeX dvi format
groff(1) - front end for the groff document formatting system
grog(1) - guess options for groff command
grolbp(1) - groff driver for Canon CAPSL printers (LBP-4 and LBP-
grolj4(1) - groff driver for HP Laserjet 4 family
grops(1) - PostScript driver for groff
grotty(1) - groff driver for typewriter-like devices
growfs(8) - grow size of an existing ufs file system
gzexe(1) - compress executable files in place
h2ph(1) - convert .h C header files to .ph Perl header files
h2xs(1) - convert .h C header files to Perl extensions
head(1) - display first lines of a file
hexdump(1), hd(1) - ASCII, decimal, hexadecimal, octal dump
host(1) - look up host names using domain server
id(1) - return user identity
ident(1) - identify RCS keyword strings in files
ifmcstat(8) - dump multicast group management statistics
ilmid(8) - simple ILMI ATM address registration daemon
indent(1) - indent and format C program source
init(8) - process control initialization
install(1) - install binaries
install-info(1) - update info/dir entries
iostat(8) - report I/O statistics
ip6fw(8) - controlling utility for IPv6 firewall
ipcrm(1) - remove the specified message queues, semaphore sets,
ipcs(1) - report System V interprocess communication facilities
ipf(4) - packet filtering kernel interface
ipfs(8) - saves and restores information for NAT and state tables
ipfstat(8) - reports on packet filter statistics and filter list
ipftest(1) - test packet filter rules with arbitrary input
ipfw(8) - IP firewall and traffic shaper control program
ipmon(8) - monitors /dev/ipl for logged packets
ipnat(4) - Network Address Translation kernel interface
ipresend(1) - resend IP packets out to network
ipsend(1) - sends IP packets
iptest(1) - automatically generate packets to test IP functions
ispcvt(8) - verify if current video driver is pcvt driver
jail(2) - imprison current process and future descendants
join(1) - relational database operator
jot(1) - print sequential or random data
kbdcontrol(1) - a utility for manipulating the syscons console driver
kbdmap(1), vidfont(1) - front end for syscons
kcon(1) - pcvt keyboard control and remapping
kdump(1) - display kernel trace data
kenv(1) - dump the kernel environment
kernbb(8) - generate a dump of the kernels basic-block profile buffers
key(1) - stand-alone program for computing responses to S/Key
keyinfo(1) - display current S/Key sequence number and seed
keyinit(1) - change password or add user to S/Key authentication s
keylogin(1) - decrypt and store secret key
keylogout(1) - delete stored secret key
kget(8) - print kernel change information
kgmon(8) - generate a dump of the operating system's profile buffers
kgzip(8) - compress a kernel
kldconfig(8) - display or modify the kernel module search path
kldload(8) - load a file into the kernel
kldunload - unload a file from the kernel
kldstat(8) - display status of dynamic kernel linker
ktrace(1) - enable kernel process tracing
kzip(8) - compresses kernels
lastcomm(1) - show last commands executed in reverse order
lastlogin(8) - indicate last login time of users
ld(1) - Using s-1LDs0, the s-1GNUs0 linker
ldconfig(8) - configure the shared library cache
ldd(1) - list dynamic object dependencies
leave(1) - remind you when you have to leave
less(1) - opposite of more
lesskey(1) - specify key bindings for less
limits(1) - set or display process resource limits
link(2) - make a hard file link
link(5) - dynamic loader and link editor interface
lint(1) - a C program verifier
linux(8) - load the Linux image activator module
lkbib(1) - search bibliographic databases
ln(1), link(1) - make links
loadfont(1) - pcvt utility for loading fonts into VGA/EGA boards
locate(1) - find filenames quickly
locate.updatedb(8) - update locate database
lock(1) - reserve a terminal
lockf(1) - execute a command while holding a file lock
lockf(3) - record locking on files
logger(1) - make entries in the system log
login(1) - log into the computer
logname(1) - display user's login name
logout(3) - remove an entry from the utmp file
logwtmp(3) - append a new record to the wtmp file
look(1) - display lines beginning with a given string
lookbib(1) - search bibliographic databases
lorder(1) - list dependencies for object files
lp(1) - front-end to the print spooler
lpc(8) - line printer control program
lpd(8) - line printer spooler daemon
lpq(1) - spool queue examination program
lpr(1) - off line print
lprm(1) - remove jobs from the line printer spooling queue
lptcontrol(8) - a utility for manipulating the lpt printer driver
lptest(1) - generate lineprinter ripple pattern
m4(1) - macro language processor
madvise(2) - give advice about use of memory
mail(1), Mail(1), mailx(1) - send and receive mail
mailq(1) - print the mail queue
mailstats(8) - display mail statistics
mailwrapper(8) - invoke appropriate MTA software based on configuration
makeinfo(1) - translate Texinfo documents
makekey(8) - make encrypted keys or passwords
makemap(8) - create database maps for sendmail
makewhatis(1) - create whatis database
manctl(8) - manipulating manual pages
manpath(1) - determine user's search path for man pages
map-mbone(8) - multicast connection mapper
mcon(1) - controls pcvt mouse emulator
md5(1) - calculate a message-digest fingerprint (checksum) for
memcontrol(8) - control system cache behaviour with respect to memory
mergemaster(8) - merge configuration files, et al during an upgrade
mesg(1) - display (do not display) messages from other users
minigzip(1) - minimal implementation of the 'gzip' compression tool
mixer(8) - set/display soundcard mixer values
mk-amd-map(8) - create database maps for Amd
mkdep(1) - construct Makefile dependency list
mkfifo(1) - make fifos
mklocale(1) - make LC_CTYPE locale files
mknetid(8) - generate netid map data
mkstr(1) - create an error message file by massaging C source
mktemp(1) - make temporary file name (unique)
mld6query(8) - send multicast listener query
mlxcontrol(8) - Mylex DAC-family RAID management utility
mount_umap(8) - sample file system layer
moused(8) - pass mouse data to the console driver
mptable(1) - display MP configuration table
mrinfo(8) - display configuration info from a multicast router
mrouted(8) - IP multicast routing daemon
msgs(1) - system messages and junk mail program
mtest(8) - test multicast membership socket operations and ioctl
mtrace(8) - print multicast path from a source to a receiver
named-bootconf(8) - convert name server configuration files
named-xfer(8) - ancillary agent for inbound zone transfers
ncplist(1) - displays various information about ncplib and NetWare
ncplogin(1) - create permanent connection to a NetWare server
ncplogout(1) - schedule permanent connection to close
ndc(8) - name daemon control program
ndp(8) - control/diagnose IPv6 neighbor discovery protocol
neqn(1) - format equations for ascii output
newaliases(1) - rebuild the data base for the mail aliases file
newfs(8), mount_mfs(8) - construct a new file system
newfs_msdos(8) - construct a new MS-DOS (FAT) file system
newkey(8) - create a new key in the public key database
newfs_msdos(8) - construct a new MS-DOS (FAT) file system
newkey(8) - create a new key in the publickey database
newsyslog(8) - maintain system log files to manageable sizes
nextboot(8) - install a default bootstring block on the boot disk
nfsiod(8) - local NFS asynchronous I/O server
nfsstat(1) - display NFS statistics
nghook(8) - connect to a netgraph(4) node
nice(1) - execute a utility at an altered scheduling priority
nl(1) - line numbering filter
nm(1) - list symbols from object files
nos-tun - implement ``nos'' or ``ka9q'' style IP over IP tunnel
nroff(1) - emulate nroff command with groff
nslookup(8) - query Internet name servers interactively
nsupdate(8) - update Internet name servers interactively
ntp-genkeys(8) - generate public and private keys
ntpd(8) - Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon
ntpdate(8) - set the date and time via NTP
ntpdc(8) - special NTP query program
ntpq(8) - standard NTP query program
ntptime(8) - read kernel time variables
ntptrace(8) - trace a chain of NTP servers back to the primary sour
objcopy(1) - copy and translate object files
objdump(1) - display information from object files
objformat(1) - reports default binary format and program deflector
od(1) - octal, decimal, hex, ASCII dump
openssl(1) - OpenSSL command line tool
opieinfo(1) - Extract sequence number and seed for future OPIE challenges
pac(8) - printer/plotter accounting information
pagesize(1) - print system page size
panic(9) - bring down system on fatal error
paste(1) - merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files
patch(1) - apply a diff file to an original
pawd(1) - print automounter working directory
pax(1) - read and write file archives and copy directory hiera
pccardc(8) - PC-CARD (PCMCIA) management and monitoring tool
pccardd(8) - PC-CARD (PCMCIA) management daemon
pciconf(8) - diagnostic utility for the PCI bus
periodic(8) - run periodic system functions
pfbtops(1) - translate a PostScript font in .pfb format to ASCII
pic(1) - compile pictures for troff or TeX
ping6(8) - send ICMPv6 ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
pkg_create(1) - a utility for creating software package distributions
pkg_delete(1) - a utility for deleting previously installed software
pkg_info(1) - a utility for displaying information on software pack
pkg_sign(1), pkg_check(1) - handle package signatures
pkg_update(1) - update an installed package
pkg_version(1) - summarize installed versions of packages
pl2pm(1) - Rough tool to translate Perl4 .pl files to Perl5 .pm
pnpinfo(8) - reports information about Plug-n-Play ISA devices
pod2html(1) - convert .pod files to .html files
pod2man(1) - translate embedded Perl pod directives into man pages
portmap(8) - RPC program,version to DARPA port mapper
pppctl(8) - PPP control program
pppd(8) - Point to Point Protocol daemon
pppoed(8) - handle incoming PPP over Ethernet connections
pppstats(8) - print PPP statistics
pr(1) - print files
praliases(8) - display system mail aliases
prefix(8) - configure network interface prefixes
printcap(5) - printer capability data base
printenv(1), env(1) - print out the environment, set and print environment
printf(1) - formatted output
procctl(8) - clear procfs event flags
psroff(1) - send troff to PostScript printer
pstat(8), swapinfo(8) - display system data structures
pxeboot(8) - Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) bootloader
quot(8) - display disk space occupied by each user
quota(1) - display disk usage and limits
quotacheck(8) - filesystem quota consistency checker
quotaon(8), quotaoff(8) - turn filesystem quotas on and off
ranlib(1) - generate index to archive
rarpd(8) - reverse ARP daemon
raycontrol(8) - configure Raytheon Raylink/Webgear Aviator devices
rbootd(8) - HP remote boot server
rcp(1) - remote file copy
rcs(1) - change RCS file attributes
rcsclean(1) - clean up working files
rcsdiff(1) - compare RCS revisions
rcsfreeze(1) - freeze a configuration of sources checked in under RC
rcsintro(1) - introduction to RCS commands
rcsmerge(1) - merge RCS revisions
rdist(1) - remote file distribution program
readelf(1) - Displays information about s-1ELFs0 files
realpath(1) - return resolved physical path
reboot(8), halt(8), fastboot(8), fasthalt(8) - stopping and restarting the system
refer(1) - preprocess bibliographic references for groff
renice(8) - alter priority of running processes
repquota(8) - summarize quotas for a file system
rev(1) - reverse lines of a file
revnetgroup(8) - generate reverse netgroup data
rexecd(8) - remote execution server
rip6query(8) - RIPng debugging tool
rm(1), unlink(1) - remove directory entries
rmail(8) - handle remote mail received via uucp
rmdir(1) - remove directories
rmt(8) - remote magtape protocol module
rmuser(8) - removes users from the system
rndcontrol(8) - a utility for manipulating the /dev/random device
routed(8), rdisc(8) - network RIP and router discovery routing daemon
rpcgen(1) - an RPC protocol compiler
rpcinfo(8) - report RPC information
rrenumd(8) - router renumbering daemon
rs(1) - reshape a data array
rsh(1) - remote shell
rshd(8) - remote shell server
rtadvd(8) - router advertisement daemon
rtquery(8) - query routing daemons for their routing tables
rtsold(8), rtsol(8) - router solicitation daemon
rup(1) - remote status display
ruptime(1) - show host status of local machines
rusers(1) - who is logged in to machines on local network
rwall(1) - send a message to users logged on a host
rwho(1) - who is logged in on local machines
rwhod(8) - system status server
s2p(1) - Sed to Perl translator
sasc(1) - set the options of the asc scanner device
savecore(8) - save a core dump of the operating system
scon(1) - controls screen modes for pcvt video driver
scp(1) - secure copy (remote file copy program)
script(1) - make typescript of terminal session
scspd(8) - SCSP daemon
sdiff(1) - find differences between two files and merge interactively
sed(1) - stream editor
send-pr(1) - send problem report (PR) to a central support site
setkey(8) - manually manipulate the IPsec SA/SP database
sftp(1) - Secure file transfer program
sftp-server(8) - SFTP server subsystem
sgsc(1) - set the options of the gsc scanner device
sh(1) - command interpreter (shell)
shar(1) - create a shell archive of files
showmount(8) - show remote nfs mounts on host
sicontrol(8) - Specialix SI/XIO driver configuration and debugging
size(1) - list section sizes and total size
skey(1), S/key(1) - a procedure to use one time passwords for accessing computer systems
slattach - attach serial lines as network interfaces
sleep(3) - suspend process execution for an interval measured in
sleep(9), tsleep(9), asleep(9), await(9), wakeup(9) - wait for events
sliplogin(8) - attach a serial line network interface
slstat(8) - report serial line IP statistics
smbutil(1) - interface to the SMB requester
smrsh(8) - restricted shell for sendmail
sockstat(1) - list open sockets
soelim(1) - eliminate .so's from nroff input
sort(1) - sort lines of text files
spkrtest(8) - test script for the speaker driver
split(1) - split a file into pieces
spray(8) - send many packets to host
ssh(1) - OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program)
ssh-add(1) - adds RSA or DSA identities to the authentication agent
ssh-agent(1) - authentication agent
ssh-keygen(1) - authentication key generation and key management
ssh-keyscan(1) - gather ssh public keys
ssh-keysign(8) - ssh helper program for hostbased authentication
ssh_config(5) - OpenSSH SSH client configuration files
sshd(8) - OpenSSH SSH daemon
sshd_config(5) - OpenSSH SSH daemon configuration file
startslip - dial up and login to a slip server
stty(1) - set the options for a terminal device interface
svr4(8) - load the SystemV emulator module
swapon(8) - specify additional device for paging and swapping
symorder(1) - rearrange name list
sysctl(8) - get or set kernel state
sysctl.conf(5) - kernel state defaults
systat(1) - display system statistics on a crt
tail(1) - display the last part of a file
talk(1) - talk to another user
talkd(8) - remote user communication server
tbl(1) - format tables for troff
tcopy(1) - copy and/or verify mag tapes
tcpd(8) - access control facility for internet services
tcpdchk(8) - tcp wrapper configuration checker
tcpdmatch(8) - tcp wrapper oracle
tcpdump(1) - dump traffic on a network
tcpslice(1) - extract pieces of and/or glue together tcpdump files
tee(1) - pipe fitting
test - condition evaluation utility
texindex(1) - sort Texinfo index files
tfmtodit(1) - create font files for use with groff -Tdvi
tftp(1) - trivial file transfer program
time(1) - time command execution
timed(8) - time server daemon
timedc(8) - timed control program
tip(1) - connect to a remote system
top(1) - display and update information about the top cpu proc
touch(1) - change file access and modification times
tput(1), clear(1) - terminal capability interface
tr(1) - translate characters
traceroute(8) - print the route packets take to network host
traceroute6(8) - print the route IPv6 packets will take to the destination
troff(1) - format documents
trpt(8) - transliterate protocol trace
true(1) - return true value
truncate(1) - truncate or extend the length of files
truss(1) - trace system calls
tset(1), reset(1) - terminal initialization
tsort(1) - topological sort of a directed graph
tty(1) - return user's terminal name
tunefs(8) - tune up an existing filesystem
tzsetup(8) - set local timezone
ul(1) - do underlining
umount(8) - unmount filesystems
unifdef(1), unifdefall(1) - remove preprocessor conditionals from code
uniq(1) - report or filter out repeated lines in a file
units(1) - conversion program
unvis(1) - revert a visual representation of data back to original form
usbd(8) - supervise USB attach/detach
usbhidctl(1) - manipulate USB HID devices
users(1) - list current users
uuchk(8) - displays information from the UUCP configuration
uucico(8) - UUCP file transfer daemon
uuconv(1) - convert UUCP configuration files
uucp(1) - Unix to Unix copy
uucpd(8) - uucp network server
uuencode(1), uudecode(1) - encode/decode a binary file
uuencode(5) - format of an encoded uuencode file
uulog(1) - display UUCP log entries
uuname(1) - list known remote UUCP sites
uupick(1) - retrieve files transferred by uuto
uusched(8) - UUCP file transfer daemon
uustat(1) - UUCP status inquiry and control
uuto(1) - send files to a user on a remote system
uux(1) - Remote command execution over UUCP
uuxqt(8) - UUCP execution daemon
vacation(1) - E-mail auto-responder
vgrind(1) - grind nice listings of programs
vidcontrol(1) - system console control and configuration utility
vinum - Logical Volume Manager control program
vis(1) - display non-printable characters in a visual format
vmstat(8) - report virtual memory statistics
vttest(1) - test VT100-type terminal
w(1) - display who is logged in and what they are doing
wall(1) - write a message to users
watch(8) - snoop on another tty line
wc(1) - word, line, character, and byte count
what(1) - show what versions of object modules were used to construct a file
whereis(1) - locate programs
which(1) - locate a program file in the user's path
who(1) - display who is on the system
whoami(1) - display effective user id
whois(1) - Internet domain name and network number directory service
wicontrol(8) - configure WaveLAN/IEEE devices
window(1) - window environment
wire-test(8) - test your network interfaces and local IP address
wlconfig(8) - read/write wavelan config parameters
write(1) - send a message to another user
xargs(1) - construct argument list(s) and execute utility
xstr(1) - extract strings from C programs to implement shared strings
xten(1) - transmit X-10 commands
xtend(8) - X-10 daemon
yacc(1) - an LALR(1) parser generator
yes(1) - be repetitively affirmative
yp(8) - description of the YP/NIS system
yp_mkdb(8) - generate the NIS databases
ypbind(8) - NIS domain binding daemon
ypcat(1) - print the values of all keys in a YP database
ypinit(8) - build and install NIS databases
ypmatch(1) - print the values of one or more keys in a YP database
yppoll(8) - ask version of YP map from YP server
yppush(8) - force propagation of updated NIS databases
ypserv(8) - NIS database server
ypset(8) - tell ypbind(8) which YP server process to use
ypwhich(1) - return hostname of YP server of map master
ypxfr(8) - transfer NIS database from remote server to local hos
yyfix(1) - extract tables from
zcmp(1), zdiff(1) - compare compressed files
zdump(8) - timezone dumper
zforce(1) - force a '.gz' extension on all gzip files
zic(8) - timezone compiler
zmore(1) - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text
znew(1) - recompress .Z files to .gz files
ab(8) - Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool
afio(1) - manipulate archives and files
after(n) - Execute a command after a time delay
ansi2knr(1) - convert ANSI C to Kernighan & Ritchie C
apachectl(8) - Apache HTTP server control interface
append(n) - Append to variable
apxs(8) - APache eXtenSion tool
autopoint(1) - copies standard gettext infrastructure
backend(1) - cups backend transmission interfaces
bash(1) - GNU Bourne-Again SHell
bashbug(1) - report a bug in bash
bcwipe(1) - securely erase data from magnetic and solid-state memory
beav(1) - binary file editor and viewer
birthday(1) - warn about upcoming birthdays and other events
bitmap(n) - Images that display two colors
break(n) - Abort looping command
cdiff(1) - show diffs with colors
cjpeg(1) - compress an image file to a JPEG file
combinediff(1) - create a cumulative patch from two incremental patches
cups-config(3) - get cups api, compiler, directory, and link information
cups-lpd(8) - receive print jobs and report printer status to lpd c
cups-polld(8) - cups printer polling daemon
cupsd(8) - common unix printing system daemon
dbmmanage(1) - Create and update user authentication files in DBM format
djpeg(1) - decompress a JPEG file to an image file
dlpsh(1) - command shell for executing DLP commands on a Palm handheld device
dos2unix(1) - convert ASCII files from DOS's CR/LF to UNIX's LF
dte(1) - full screen text editor
dvipdf(1) - Convert TeX DVI file to PDF using ghostscript and dvi
efax(1) - send/receive faxes with Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem 1
efix(1) - convert between fax, text, bit-map and gray-scale for
esd(1) - The Enlightened Sound Daemon
esd-config(1) - The Enlightened Sound Daemon
eval(n) - Evaluate a Tcl script
exec(n) - Invoke subprocess(es)
expr(n) - Evaluate an expression
extipl(8) - a partition-selectable boot loader/installer for IBM-
fax(1) - make, send, receive, view or print a fax
fax2ps(1) - convert a TIFF facsimile to compressed *(Ps(tm
fax2tiff(1) - create a TIFF Class F fax file from raw fax data
filterdiff(1) - extract or exclude diffs from a diff file
fixcvsdiff(1) - fix problematic diff files
floppyd(1) - floppy daemon for remote access to floppy drive flopp
floppyd_installtest(1) - tests whether floppyd is installed and running ' t TQ
font2c(1) - Write PostScript Type 0 or Type 1 font as C code
funzip(1) - filter for extracting from a ZIP archive in a pipe
gettext(1) - translate message
gettextize(1) - install or upgrade gettext infrastructure
gif2tiff(1) - create a TIFF file from a GIF87 format image file
glib12-config(1), glib-config(1) - script to get information about the installed version of Glib
glob(n) - Return names of files that match patterns
global(n) - Access global variables
gpart(8) - guess PC-type hard disk partitions
gpatch(1), patch(1) - apply a diff file to an original
gs(1) - Ghostscript (PostScript and PDF language interpreter
gs-hpdj(1), hpdj(1) - Ghostscript device driver for printers understanding PCL 3+
gslp(1) - Format and print text using ghostscript gsbj
gsnd(1) - Run ghostscript (PostScript and PDF engine) without display
gzexe(1) - compress executable files in place
history(n) - Manipulate the history list
htdigest(1) - Create and update user authentication files
htpasswd(1) - Create and update user authentication files
icmpinfo(1) - interpret ICMP messages
iconv(1) - character set conversion
intltool-extract(8) - generate header files which can be read by gettext
intltool-merge(8) - merge translated strings into various file types
intltool-prepare(8) - update pot files and merge them with translation
intltool-update(8) - updates PO template files and merge them with the translation
intltoolize(8) - prepare a package to use intltool
ispell(1), buildhash(1), munchlist(1), findaffix(1), tryaffix(1), icombine(1),
ijoin(1) - Interactive spelling checking
join(n) - Create a string by joining together list elements
jpegtran(1) - lossless transformation of JPEG files
libchk(1) - a tool to check shared library links
lsdiff(1) - show which files are modified by a patch
ngettext(1) - translate message and choose plural form
pal2rgb(1) - convert a palette color TIFF image to a full color image
pcl3opts(1) - determine options for the ghostscript driver pcl3 fro
pcregrep(1) - a grep with Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcreposix(3) - POSIX API for Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcretest(1) - a program for testing Perl-compatible regular express
pdf2dsc(1) - generate a PostScript page list of a PDF document
pdf2ps(1) - Ghostscript PDF to PostScript translator
pdfopt(1) - Ghostscript PDF Optimizer
personality(8) - system configuration management utility
pf2afm(1) - Make an AFM file from Postscript (PFB/PFA/PFM) font
pfbtopfa(1) - Convert Postscript .pfb fonts to .pfa format
ppm2tiff(1) - create a TIFF file from a PPM image file
ppthtml(1) - A program for converting Microsoft Power Point Files .ppt
printafm(1) - Print the metrics from a Postscript font in AFM forma
ps2ascii(1) - Ghostscript translator from PostScript or PDF to ASCI
ps2epsi(1) - generate conforming Encapsulated PostScript
ps2pdf(1) - Convert PostScript to PDF using ghostscript ps2pdf12
ps2pdfwr(1) - Convert PostScript to PDF without specifying Compatib
ps2ps(1), eps2eps(1) - Ghostscript PostScript distiller
ras2tiff(1) - create a TIFF file from a Sun rasterfile
rdjpgcom(1) - display text comments from a JPEG file
read-ical(1) - coverts information on your Palm handheld device into an Ical-formatted calendar
recountdiff(1) - recompute patch counts and offsets
rediff(1), editdiff(1) - fix offsets and counts of a hand-edited diff
rgb2ycbcr(1) - convert non-YCbCr TIFF images to a YCbCr TIFF image
rotatelogs(8) - rotate Apache logs without having to kill the server
rtfm(1) - Documentation search
ruby(1) - Interpreted object-oriented scripting language
sdd(1) - disk dump and restore to and from tape or file; copy
sgi2tiff(1) - create a TIFF file from an SGI image file
sniffit(5) - configuration file for sniffit (name arbirtary)
sox(1) - Sound eXchange : universal sound sample translator
soxexam(1) - SoX Examples (CHEAT SHEET)
splitdiff(1) - separate out incremental patches
ssync(1) - minimalistic filesystem sync tool
symlinks(8) - symbolic link maintenance utility
tclsh(1) - Simple shell containing Tcl interpreter
tcptraceroute(8) - A traceroute implementation using TCP packets
tdir(1) - Display formatted directory listing
thumbnail(1) - create a TIFF file with thumbnail images
tiff2bw(1) - convert a color TIFF image to greyscale
tiff2ps(1) - convert a TIFF image to *(Ps(tm
tiff2rgba(1) - convert a TIFF image to RGBA color space
tiffcmp(1) - compare two TIFF files
tiffcp(1) - copy (and possibly convert) a TIFF file
tiffdither(1) - convert a greyscale image to bilevel using dithering
tiffdump(1) - print verbatim information about TIFF files
tiffgt(1) - display an image stored in a TIFF file (Silicon Graph
tiffinfo(1) - print information about TIFF files
tiffmedian(1) - apply the median cut algorithm to data in a TIFF file
tiffsplit(1) - split a multi-image TIFF into single-image TIFF files
tiffsv(1) - save an image from the framebuffer in a TIFF file
time(n) - Time the execution of a script
unset(n) - Delete variables
unzip(1) - list, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP arch
unzipsfx(1) - self-extracting stub for prepending to ZIP archives
uuenview(1) - a powerful encoder for binary files
uwatch(1) - notifies users of user login and logouts
videogen(1) - generate Modelines for XFree86 servers
wavplay(1), wavrec(1) - play and record WAV files
wdiff(1) - display word differences between text files
webfsd(1) - a lightweight http server
weblint(1) - pick fluff off web pages (HTML)
wftopfa(1) - Convert a Wadalab base font to Postscript .PFA (or .P
wget(1) - GNU Wget Manual
wish(1) - Simple windowing shell
wm(n) - Communicate with window manager
word2x(1) - convert word 6 documents to another format
wrjpgcom(1) - insert text comments into a JPEG file
xgettext(1) - extract gettext strings from source
xlhtml(1) - A program for converting Microsoft Excel Files .xls
xml2-config(1), xml-config(1) - script to get information about the installed version of GNOME-XML
xmlcatalog(1) - Command line tool to parse and manipulate XML or
SGML catalog files
xmllint(1) - command line XML tool
xmlwf(1) - Determines if an XML document is well-formed
xsltproc(1) - command line xslt processor
zcmp(1), zdiff(1) - compare compressed files
zforce(1) - force a '.gz' extension on all gzip files
zipgrep(1) - search files in a ZIP archive for lines matching a pa
zipinfo(1) - list detailed information about a ZIP archive
zless(1) - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed tex
zmore(1) - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed tex

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